Fast Draw PRO Action Gap

Product #: 92682


NEW! Smaller Size and More Reliable Product Selector

Durable, reliable and simple-to-use 4-product locking chemical management dispenser. The durable looking exterior is matched by a robust 3-point door lock for extra protection. New 1-door design provides complete access to internal parts. Fill bottles and buckets from all bays. Can be mounted on a flat wall or save space by mounting in the corner. 2 independent flow rates (1 and 4 GPM) ensure you always get the right dilution and makes it extremely simple to fill bottles and save time filling mop buckets and automatic scrubbers.


Durable construction can be used in toughest settings

2 independent flow rates (1 GPM for bottles and 4 GPM for buckets/scrubbers)

Flexible mounting options – Mounts on either a flat wall or space-saving corner mount

Bottle or bucket fill from each bay

3-point locking door to prevent tampering or theft and won't break